It’s important to have general checkups on a regular basis so your care provider can evaluate your overall health, monitor chronic conditions, and diagnose emerging issues. Our providers help every member of the family, from youngest to oldest. Book now through the online scheduler or call the office directly.

General Checkups Q & A

How should I prepare for a general checkup?

Speak to a Houston Family Medical Clinic team member a few days ahead of your scheduled general checkup to get guidelines specific to your situation and needs. For example, you may need to fast starting the night before your checkup if you’re getting bloodwork done.

If you’ve received medical care anywhere other than Houston Family Medical Clinic since your last general checkup (for example, emergency room care or a visit to a specialist), request those records from your care providers, and have them sent or bring them with you to the clinic.

Wear comfortable lightweight clothing so you can move easily, and plan to have a light meal beforehand.

What happens during a general checkup?

General checkups include a whole-body health assessment that typically includes:

  • Medical history review
  • Family history review
  • Height and weight assessment
  • Hypertension check (blood pressure check)
  • Ear, eye, nose, and throat check
  • Reflex check
  • Diabetes risk assessment
  • Heart check
  • Lung function test

In addition to your blood tests, you may also need laboratory exams based on your specific health concerns and issues.

What kind of questions will I answer during a general checkup?

During your checkup, our team will ask you several questions to get a better overall picture of your health and wellness. Typical questions include:

  • Do you smoke, consume alcohol, or use drugs?
  • What kind of prescription and over-the-counter drugs are you taking now?
  • What are your eating habits like?
  • Have you noticed any health changes since your last checkup?
  • Are you sleeping well?
  • Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, or other emotional issues?

By answering these questions honestly, you can help your medical professionals give you the very best care possible.

What kind of tests are administered at a general checkup?

A general checkup can include a variety of lab tests based on your individual needs and risk factors. These tests can include a lipid panel to check your cholesterol levels, a blood sugar test to check for diabetes, or an anemia test to see if you have low iron.

You may be scheduled for a complete metabolic panel, which checks blood plasma and can identify emerging problems with your liver, kidneys, blood, or immune system.

If your care provider recommends a more in-depth heart check, you may also have an EKG during your checkup. An EKG checks your heart activity, looking for abnormalities that may indicate heart disease or other health issues.

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